Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snow way to run an electric company

New England was hammered by a freak snowstorm last week. Connecticut was particularly hard-hit. Very wet, very heavy snow weighed down tree branches, snapped them, damaged houses, cut off whole areas from emergency services, and knocked out power. Intense, ferocious anger at seemingly unprepared Connecticut Light and Power, which at least gave the impression of being way too laid back about the whole situation. Ninety percent of Woodbury households lost power, many until this weekend. We were among the lucky 10 percent. M and B, not so fortunate, came to stay, and we had what for me, at least, was a rolling party all week, which included lots of good cooking by them.

Today, we’re having a more formal do. Not actually formal, mind you. Just formal in the sense that it was, you know, planned.

I’ve put the remaining snow to good use. Will will not be toasting the CL&P.