Thursday, May 1, 2008


I won’t have any tonsorial concerns in Scotland. I went out yesterday morning and had myself shorn. Not quite a buzz cut (what my grandfather, who took me to the barber when I was very small, called a “pineapple”), but the last time I went this short was over 40 years ago. Back then, the result did not show this decided widow’s peak. And, of course, there was no gray hair on the floor afterward.

On the other hand, I think I can save the weight of that comb now.


Phil said...

Picture, Mark, we need a picture - otherwise how are we to recognise you?

And without a hat!

Lou and Phyllis LaBorwit said...

Hey Mark
Got the very same hair cut yesterday!
BUT I wear a cap
See you soon
Lou LaBorwit

Alan Sloman said...

For a ghastly moment there, I thought that Phillis had had her bonce shorn!

Good Luck to all our Colonial Cousins (You can still be honorary Brits if you succeed on the Challenge - we Brits don't bear grudges!) :-)