Saturday, August 2, 2008

Utter joy

Early Wednesday morning we got the call we’d been waiting for, and we were in the car headed for Minnesota by 7:30. Eighteen or so hours later, somewhere north of Chicago, we took a call from A telling us that our first granddaughter had been born: Thursday, August 31, at 12:08 AM (Central time). Giddy with happiness, stupid with fatigue, we stopped for a few hours rest in Madison, Wisconsin, and came on the rest of the way later in the morning.

Despite a difficult labor, H looked glowingly wonderful when we saw her, and she and A introduced us to the tiny, red, soft, and perfect B. The usual holdings, kissing, cooings, and picture-takings brought to our attention the fact that B is beautiful, highly intelligent, and deeply sensitive.

H left the hospital Friday afternoon, and she and A walked home, 10 minutes or so, with B in one of those little cuddly carriers.

Since then, there’s been relatively little sleep at their house. Infatuation? Oh, maybe just a little.


Alan Sloman said...

Hearty Congrats Gramps!

Good luck to all the family too!


Martha said...

The pictures are amazing. I'm so happy to hear that everything went according to plan and that there is a beautiful addition to the family!!! Looking forward to more pictures!!

Dawn said...

Congrats to everyone Mark. Dawn.