Sunday, December 27, 2009

Go for Baroque

This, from today’s New York Times, is very cool. I’ve always been repelled by that “Phantom of the Opera”-style organ music, played on those huge, bellowing, late-19th Century monstrosities. But great Baroque music played on a great Baroque organ...that’s something else altogether. Our local Episcopal church had a much smaller Baroque organ installed a few years back, and its crispness and precision are wonderful. The one in the Times article is in Rochester, NY, A’s home town, so there’s a decent chance I might someday get to hear it.


Kate said...

Yes! Come visit anytime and we will make it happen :)

Some day too, when she's a bit older, I would love to take B to the Strong Children's Museum of Play. So much fun!

Mark Alvarez said...

You're on, Kate! B and I will cruise into town, each for our own particular cultural event...and maybe take in a Red Wings game, too! Best to all out there in snowville.