Friday, July 9, 2010


I’ve been obsessed for a little over a year with the marriage of images, sound, and text that becomes possible when books migrate from paper to digital files. I don’t mean the occasional film clip or movie-like background music, but something more integrated and organic to the work, something that’s part of the way it’s created.

I’ve been thinking of this primarily within the framework of fiction. But here is a video from a non-fiction piece in the Sunday New York Times Magazine, which isn’t doing quite what I’m fixated on, but does illustrate how scrumptious even a digital sidebar can be.

Grab a bat.


Martin Benedict O'Brien II said...


Loved "Cutter". Hey, remember when you, me and Grampie went to a Mets' game?

BTW: since you have been pushing me towards NYT (for which I'm grateful) you might find this article interesting

Martin Benedict O'Brien II said...

It seems my link shortener program screwed up. Sorry.
The NYT article I was referring you to is:

Sorry for any inconvenience.