Saturday, January 1, 2011

Test 2

Another mobile blog test. Here's a video from last week.

And a photo.

35 days, 9 hours, 53 minutes, 10 seconds.

I'd better get this stuff figured out.

- Mobile posting.


Alan Sloman said...

"Regional District Fourteen" eh? It sound more like The Soviet Union!

Well - it worked so I am looking forward to your live antipodean travel films now!

Word = "chippely". I like that.

Mark Alvarez said...

Wow, you were right on top of that posting, Alan! It couldn't have been up for more than five minutes.

Yes, Regional District 14 does have a less-than-poetic sound to it, but the individual schools still have names, which takes the edge off a bit.

What's with the "Word =" business I see at the end of so many comments among the walkerhood? I feel like someone who never learned the codeword to get into the speakeasy.

Alan Sloman said...

The "word" are the letters that you have to type (word verification) to ensure your blog is not filled up with drivel from the spambots.

A few of us have noticed that after time the words become peculiarly apt... The one I have to type in now is less so - "funes" but nice enough in itself.

Mark Alvarez said...

Ah, of course. Thank you. (I rather like "chippely," too.)

Myretta said...

Thanks. It's always nice to have a short trip down memory lane.

Mark Alvarez said...

You're welcome. I tried to get into Adam Korpalski's room to help edit the yearbook, but Herb Grandahl grabbed me and made me do math.