Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beauty contests

Congratulations (I think) to Baz Carter, corkscrew commenter on this blog a few posts back, and proprietor of his own, somewhat more riveting site, for being named Outdoors Hunk, ’09 in a hotly contest vote sponsored by Darren.

Congrats likewise to Rose Cartwright, co-proprietor of the web’s best lightweight backpacking shop, who won as Outdoors Hero.

Is there a prize? A statuette in the form of a stove, perhaps? A large chunk of Lucite of the kind the Cartwrights are getting used to? Or must the glory suffice?

And, Darren, Darren, how come no transatlantic contestants? For next year, I nominate American Hunks Daryl May and Lou LaBorwit.


whitespider1066 said...

there was a chance for folks to nominate who was on each list. So not my fault if there were no Americans on the list.

Mark Alvarez said...

Just pulling your leg, Darren, tho maybe next year....

Hope your move goes well.