Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sitting civilized and solo in a Dunn Bros coffee house following over the internet the last few minutes of the Dartmouth women’s valiant loss to powerhouse Maryland in the NCAA basketball tournament.

H and A have taken sweet B off to be introduced to a school friend who hadn’t had a chance to meet her yet, and I decided that a pleasant walk to and from a comfortable venue would be just the ticket. It’s unutterably lovely to have all this nice walking essentially from the door, and decent weather to boot. Alas, I had to leave Jasper the Wonderdog in his roost under the coffee table at home. Don’t worry, J, we’ll go out later...maybe even a good shuffle with H, and sweet B in her Chariot.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about that loss...
Lou and Phyllis
(not quite the Maryland Powerhouses)