Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy birthdays, my girls

A lovely cool and damp early morning for one of those easy-going smooth and rhythmic runs that happen so much less often than they used to. Better yet, it was followed by a terrific little mid-morning iChat with H and sweet B. Yesterday was B’s 11-month birthday, and today is H’s 20-somethingish. H, B, and A are all coming down out of the hills tomorrow to spend part of the Fourth of July weekend with us. It’s likely the bubbly will flow.

Sweet B

I was in the delivery room when H was born, and when the nurse looked up and said, “It’s a girl,” I thought, “Oh, my god, now what am I going to do?” I had a rough idea of how to approach raising a boy (hand him a baseball), but a girl? No clue.

I learned (I handed her a baseball). And it was good.


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