Thursday, September 3, 2009

So much for Vitamin I

I know that Ibuprofin is heavily, even ritually, used by many AT thru-hikers. This article in today’s New York Times covers research that suggests that its prophylactic use is counterproductive, actually inhibiting the healing of tissue and bone injuries. The study also indicates, though, that for its intended purpose—to reduce pain and inflammation from “an acute injury”—Ibuprofin is “very effective.”

So don’t pop it like a vitamin. It’s for after you get hurt. Of course, if this ancient body were thru-hiking the AT, that would mean popping it like a vitamin.

Good article, though.

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Alan Sloman said...

I have enough medication on board for gout and high blood pressure. The thought of pooping more pills boggles!

Interesting though - Thanks Mark.