Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cutting edge

Well, I broke another one.

While I was nannying sweet B for those six months, I managed to do in most of the dozen wine glasses H and A got as a wedding gift. I don’t know why...I’d never been especially noted as a nemisis of stemmed glassware. But here I am today, smashing the second of the dozen I bought them to replace the first batch.

This time, though, I took myself out, too, slicing my hands while stupidly groping at the already shattered glass in one of those “no, no, not again” moments. So I spent a chunk of my 39th wedding anniversary at Concord Critical Care and came out looking like this:

Elegant, and so romantic.

1 comment:

Ron Bloomquist said...

I hope you didn't bleed on anything important!

When I worked in the Boeing Model Shop they always warned us, "what ever you do, don't bleed on the model".

I hope you heal fast and well.