Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A really interesting article in yesterday’s New York Times about archiving digital material, featuring Salmon Rushdie and Emory University, my niece R’s alma mater. “...archivists are finding themselves trying to fend off digital extinction at the same time that they are puzzling through questions about what to save, how to save it and how to make that material accessible.”

Well worth a read.


Alan Sloman said...


Interesting. Surely what's important is what the author wrote, not what he wrote it on? But there again, I suppose it puts the work in some for of context.

In years to come we will most probably be recording our thoughts in a totally different format. But as my Mum says on opening yet another Christmas present of chocolates or bath oil: "It's the thought that counts."

Mark Alvarez said...

Cheers, Alan.

You can learn a lot by tracking an author's process as he backtracks, circles around, gets blocked, and finds a new way (sounds like the Challenge, doesn't it?). It is indeed the thought that counts. But the thinking behind the expressed thought is fascinating, too.