Thursday, December 9, 2010

Das Boot

Torpedoed and returned.

But I did just pull this old but essentially unused pair of Merrills out of the oblivion of The Back Room Under Lots Of Other Stuff. I had decided against them for the 2008 TGO, but never taken them back. (Hmm...think almost three years is too late?) I’m giving them another whirl. They feel...soft. Bad for training flats but maybe okay for mountain booties? (Is there a Mountain Booties Association I could check with?)

The much-missed H and sweet B checked in this morning by iChat. Aside from the automatic clothes washing machine, the world’s greatest invention.


Alan Sloman said...

Blimey - that child is now a proper person - time does fly! Iterstingly Word = "banshe" !

Mark Alvarez said...

Yup, she's funner and funner as the yoot now say.