Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I’m back

But I don’t really know where to start, beyond saying I had a spectacular, sensational, superb, splendid, stupendous, and snowless time, and want to go back the day after tomorrow with all my favorite people.

So here’s a tiny first taste:

The gorgeous Abel Tasman Coastal Track 

A minute or two on the Kepler’s Mount Luxmore, well above treeline, as was much of the Routeburn.

The only problem was that this squalid character kept turning up.


Martin Benedict O'Brien II said...

Yaaaayy! He's back. I missed you man.
BTW that's not squalid, that's bedraggled. I think that's the word!

Alan Sloman said...

Hi Mark
Glad to hear you are back safe & well.
How did the Earthquake affect you?

Mark Alvarez said...

Hi, Marty. What a nice way to be received back! The funny thing is, the walking was not at all strenuous, and I was just out of a shower when that picture was taken. So I wasn't actually bedraggled at all. Whatever I was, it's a fine look to scare children with.

Alan, the earthquake affected me not at all. I was actually on the North Island when it hit. But it is a terrible tragedy for Christchurch and New Zealand. Hundreds killed, many injured and/or homeless, and a real sense of "maybe we can't come back from this" percolating among these usually positive, can-do people. Really devastating.

Lou and Phyllis LaBorwit said...

WonderfulD! We have waited patiently to read of your exploits
Lou and Phyl

Myretta said...

Welcome home!

Mark Alvarez said...

Lou and Phyl: my exploits are pretty tame, but I think I'll be able to start filling a few posts with them tomorrow.

Myretta: Good to be back, but only because I've got friends and family here. Otherwise.... See you soon?